I don't know what is it with blue.
It is just that, I always feel blue.

In contrary to all my optimist behaviours I can't deny that I feel blue. As blue as a seperation can get, From a mother,
a child From self,
Destructive feelings
constructing something beautiful.
That intrigues me about blue.
It is always so painful
It reminds me of his ways
The ways I'm living my life according to
The ways as moral as they can get
With all the immoralities
He left
And he left me his
A constant equal signal,
That's blue Just as if like
Everything's going to be okay
But you just feel otherwise.
And nothing's ever wrong
Everything quite feels wrong
find a deep blue there
Just pause
And step back
Ride backwards
Maybe everything was okay
And then the saddest happening ever happened
I looked up the sky
It was blue

That's how I remember blue And why I feel hurt in that rememberance of blue And as concrete as the sky can get I always feel blue

So don't ever get deceived by my laughters Thus they are the bluest.