2020 ~
Media Technology MSc , Leiden University, Netherlands

2017 - 2013
Bachelor of Fine Arts in Studio, with emphasis in Art & Technology, Performance and Film, Video, New Media- School of the Art Institute of Chicago, (SAIC) Chicago, IL

2013 - 2008
Matura Diploma, Austrian Highschool, Österreichisches Sankt Georg Kolleg, Istanbul, Turkey

Professional Experience

June 2019 - February 2018
Collecteurs, New York / Istanbul
Operations Manager, Community Developer
February 2018 - September 2017
New INC, New York
Production Intern
January 2017 - May 2017
Art Institute of Chicago
Interactive Gallery & Research Assistant
August 2017 - April 2015
Defibrillator Gallery, Chicago
Technical Director, Web Administrator

Independent Projects

From June 2019 to present, I have been working as an independent artist, giving workshops on audio reactive coding with Max/Msp.
I have been involved in more than 20 creative projects. Some highlights are below.

Put Out Record Label Event Series - Istanbul,Turkey
•Event banners, teaser videos, promotional material
•Immersive environment creation
•Live audio reactive shows
Austrian Cultural Forum Istanbul Season Opening Party
•Finalized a project from proposal to reality
•Immersive environment creation with 6 projectors
•Live audio reactive show
Atölye Istanbul
•Live shows for events
•Gave workshops on audio reactive coding with Max/Msp.
Anahit Sahne
•Worked as a visual content creator
•Controlling visuals for live concerts, dj shows


Adobe Design Suite (Illustrator, Photoshop, Premiere Pro)
Max8 (Cycling 74), Processing, Arduino, beginner C++,
•Projection Mapping, Motion Graphics
• VDMX, Madmapper, HeavyM, Vpt8

Experience in working with micro controllers and Raspberry Pi
Experience in using sensors such as FSR Sensor, heart beat sensor, flex sensor, piezo discs, ultrasonic sensor
Analog devices,
Web design (HTML, Javascript, CSS)
Microsoft Office Suite ,Windows and Mac operating systems
Familiarity with Hand tools and laser cutting


• Turkish (Native Language)
• English (Advanced)
• German (C1 Level)

Selected Performances / Screenings / Exhibitions


Video Documentation of my Zoom Performance for ATÖLYE x Curious Minds  Responsible Leaders Network
State Studio Berlin

ATÖLYE x Curious Minds  Responsible Leaders Network
Live Zoom Performance

Web Biennial Apeiron 2020
Outstanding Death, code-based poetry

Supply Frame Design Lab
Performance for Instagram Live
Los Angeles, USA
2019 - 2018

Put Out Event Series
Immersive Environments

Austrian Cultural Forum Istanbul
Immersive Environments

Atolye Istanbul
Workshops on audio reactive coding

Anahit Sahne
Live visuals

Fin du Monde,
Wild Embeddings Gallery, NewYork-NY

Folds of Existence: Films for Ecstasy
American Medium, NewYork-NY

BFA Performance Festival
SAIC, Chicago

Printmaking Festival Storm of Silence,
Tempel, Parnu-Estonia

Bridgeport | TinyGarage,
Dfbrl8r Gallery Chicago

The Archer Beach Haus, Chicago
2016 - 2015

Information As Art: SYNBIO DOME
Installation (with Majenta Strongeheart -Jon Tackie -Kristine Oak)
LeRoy Neiman Center & Northwestern University, Chicago

Too Dark For A Light Show !,
Tom Robinson Gallery Chicago

Of Roses and Jesamine / Films for Ecstasy
SAIC Leroy Neiman Center, Chicago