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Live Shows

Livestreams, Clubs/Venues, custom A/V show collaboration, Projection Mapping on to real spaces, music videos, teasers, banners and websites (& much more)

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Previous Work
Pera Museum X Hypercortex
(Istanbul), ATÖLYE (Istanbul) X BMW Foundation (Berlin) , Put Out Istanbul (Istanbul), Future Intel Radio (Den Haag) ,  SupplyFrame Design Lab (Los Angeles), DFBRL8R Gallery (Chicago) , Bonjuk Bay (Marmaris, Turkey), Kulah (Istanbul)

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Interactive Zoom Performance for BMW Foundation & Atölye

Content Created With:

Max/Msp (**Vsynth plugin) , VDMX5 , Open GLSL Shaders, Premiere Pro , OBS , Resolume, MadMapper
&& found videos and pieces of code from the web

For more content and documentations you can visit: https://vimeo.com/lalavgen
Or get in touch with me! hello@lalavgen.com